Our Volunteers

Volunteers assist with establishing and maintaining the ocean-based nurseries


Irish-born Gary was snorkelling with his son Khai, over coral that had been damaged by the bleaching event of 2016. His son’s despair and his love of the Great Barrier Reef made him want to do something to help the underwater paradise that he had chosen to live beside.

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Azri Saparwan

Azri spends some 10 hours a week coordinating more than 40 coral crusaders to help clean and measure coral growing on frames at Fitzroy Island in the Great Barrier Reef’s first offshore nursery.

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Pablo Cogollos

Pablo was among the first to volunteer for the Reef Restoration Foundation. As the only diving instructor is tasked with operating the group of volunteer divers to the same safety standards that a dive company would operate with.

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Tamara Buddle

Using her diving skills for the good of the environment is what drives Reef Restoration Foundation volunteer Tamara Buddle.

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Dimity Magnus

No-one could deny Dimity Magnus’s passion for the Great Barrier Reef – not only did she acquire her dive ticket just to get involved with coral nurseries, she also travels from Perth to Cairns to help regenerate the Reef.

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How to Volunteer

Volunteers assist with establishing and maintaining the ocean-based nurseries. To join this group of Coral Crusaders you must have the minimum of Rescue Diver certification, logged more than 50 dives and be able to provide your own gear.

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