Corporate Sponsors

We couldn't do this without the support of our amazing volunteers and partners.

A huge thank you to these businesses for their contribution which has provided financial and in-kind support to establish and operate the first coral nursery in the Great Barrier Reef.

National Australia Bank

The NAB Foundation has provided the Reef Restoration Foundation a $400,000 grant over three years for seed funding to cover core operations to assist in the expansion of the Fitzroy Island nursery, and to apply for permits to develop and establish more nurseries in other Great Barrier Reef locations.
“The Great Barrier Reef is one Australia’s most iconic natural assets and beyond this intrinsic value it also delivers real economic and social value. We need to address the challenges facing the reef by developing innovative approaches which bring environmental considerations into business decision making and drive further investment in our natural assets.”
NAB, Head of Social Innovation Sasha Courville 


Powershop provided the Reef Restoration Foundation with a $60,000 grant to build a ten tree coral nursery. This grant was made possible through our incredible customers who supported our Your Community Energy program simply when they purchased their power. This program supports positive environmental initiatives across the country and our project with the Reef Restoration Foundation is the most ambitious yet. Supporting social enterprises like the Reef Restoration Foundation is all part of our goal to be a better power company – for our customers and the planet.
“Seeing the Powershop Coral Nursery and supporting the Reef Restoration Foundation is an honour. This is all thanks to our customers who have supported the Your Community Energy program – it’s just another way we empower our customers to have a positive environmental impact.”
Powershop, Chief Customer Officer, Catherine Anderson

JTB Australia

Japan’s largest travel agency JTB was the first to sponsor a Reef Restoration Foundation coral tree frame.
“We want to be involved in taking positive action to protect this amazing asset for current and future generations and look forward to growing this partnership with Reef Restoration Foundation to benefit the Great Barrier Reef.”
JTB Australia, Managing Director, Masaya Kasahara

Small World Jurneys

Cairns-based educational tour company Small World Journeys has sponsored a tree at the Fitzroy Island nursery and will incorporate it into their tours which educate students about the Great Barrier Reef and the challenges it faces.
“Students who are participating in our coral bleaching surveys are witnessing first-hand the widespread bleaching at the Great Barrier Reef. They can leave Cairns quite despondent about the Reef’s future, but thanks to this project we can show them there’s action being taken to preserve this very special Australian treasure.”
Owner and Managing Director of Small World Journeys, Laurie Pritchard

Oris Watches

Swiss watch manufacturer Oris is assisting the recovery of the Great Barrier Reef by sponsoring a tree. Oris has a history of championing marine preservation initiatives, particularly on the Great Barrier Reef. This started more than a decade ago through an association with the Australian Marine Conservation Society.
“The Reef Restoration Foundation has a proactive view to restore the Reef for future generations and Oris is delighted
to have been chosen as partners by the organisation.”
Oris Managing Director, Peter Borghouts

Amway Australia

The Amway European Diamond Conference was held in Australia in February 2018 giving delegates the opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef and learn about the work of the Reef Restoration Foundation. Amway announced a donation to the Foundation’s work during the Reef trip.

Amway Australia

"It was critical to invest in projects to protect the natural assets that the local industry and the community rely upon. Investing in the ocean-based coral nursery is a tangible action that will make a positive difference to the health of the Great Barrier Reef and assist it to recover from past degradation as well as contributing to a better-quality experience for our guests".
Fitzroy Island Resort Owner, Doug Gamble .

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