Our Team

Stewart Christie - Director

 Stewart has extensive business experience establishing and leading for profit and not for profit businesses. He is also an experienced sustainable economic development practitioner and has over fifteen years program and project management experience planning and delivering complex infrastructure projects in Northern Australia, South East Asia and the UK.


Responsible for establishing and operating our nurseries. Gary is a Dive Master and an experienced electrician with extensive knowledge of coral restoration and husbandry through having previously worked in a coral nursery in Thailand and is a passionate advocate for improving the health of the Great Barrier Reef.


Ryan brings more than 20 years involvement in coral reef research and conservation; and reef related business and industry. He provides oversight of the operation and the science and industry partnerships; engages and establishes relationships with corporate and government entities; oversees global outreach; and nurtures strategic collaboration with allied organisations.


Accountant and Director of Fortis One, a business advisory and consulting firm with a background in organisational psychology, commerce and economics. Elmarie specialises in business and personal growth with extensive experience in vast array of businesses in a range of industries and is an experienced and passionate diver.


Rob has over 40 years tourism experience as the CEO for tourism industry organisations in Tasmania, Blue Mountains and Tropical North Queensland. As Chair, Rob provides strategic leadership, advice and guidance to the organisation.


Katie leads and manages long-term monitoring and applied research programs in tropical coral and seagrass ecosystems. Katie’s 18 years’ of experience includes using spatial analysis and mapping to monitor habitats at risk. Her research on coral, marine plants, photobiology and the marine optical environment have shaped large-scale management and compliance of dredging programs, have been embedded into regulatory guidelines to mitigate critical habitat loss and informed tropical marine habitat change at broad scales. Katie has forged strong partnerships across industries using alliances to springboard impactful and scalable strategies to research and inform management of reef and coastal assets. She leads the science delivery for the Great Reef Census, a citizens science approach that uses the diverse fleet of vessels spanning industries on the GBR to deliver scalable science that feeds directly to reef management and conservation goals. Katie has helped foster a shared economy approach to science and partnerships out of Cairns with close collaborators Citizens of the GBR, Mars Sustainable Solutions, Dawul Wuru Indigenous Corporation, Experience Co and Reef Restoration Foundation.