The Reef Restoration Foundation’s Coral Crusaders have been growing corals on coral tree frames in Australia’s first ocean-based nursery. This restoration method has been proven to help regenerate degraded reefs overseas and is being piloted for the Great Barrier Reef at Fitzroy Island, near Cairns.

This next generation of coral starts as a cutting, about the size of your finger, which is snipped from healthy corals adjacent to the reef that is to be regenerated. The corals are then attached to the coral tree frames in an ocean-based nursery. The frames accelerate the growth of the corals, which are checked regularly, cleaned and measured to ensure there are no signs of disease.

As a Coral Crusader your adopted coral will be selected from corals that have withstood the previous two bleaching events and should give the damaged reef the best opportunity to regenerate. The coral growth has exceeded expectations allowing the first new coral colonies to be planted on a damaged reef just eight months after they were harvested for the Great Barrier Reef nursery.

Be a part of the generation to actively make a difference to the Great Barrier Reef and become a supporter, or adopt a coral, branch, tree or nursery to build a healthier and resilient Reef that will be here for generations to come.

Care for a Coral


On completion of your adoption, you will receive:

  • A certificate with your name on it that you can print out or download for your records. Please note the certificates are stamped with the name on the order. If you are buying as a gift for someone, please use their name in the check out.
  • Regular updates on the growth of the coral.
  • Further information the work that Reef Restoration Foundation are doing to improve the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.
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