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We are a start-up community-based organisation that rallied our local community at a time when the Great Barrier Reef on our doorstep was subject to serious and compounding disturbance events.

The response from local businesses and organisations was phenomenal and was matched by the emergence of committed volunteers from all compass points of our community.

In a digitally connected world, we have attracted the generosity of individuals and people within businesses far and wide. As we grow and create further opportunities to make a difference, the need for assistance continues at a multitude of levels.

Certificate of Appreciation Options

Alternatively, you can join our Care for a Coral or Build a Coral Branch features, which generate a Certificate of Appreciation that make great gifts for friends or family.

Donors will receive a certificate with your name on it that can be printed or downloaded. Certificates are electronically stamped with the name of the receiver. If you are buying it as a gift for someone, please use their name in this field at checkout.

You’ll also receive a subscription to the quarterly ‘Reef Resto Review’ to follow our progress. We are always forming new partnerships to forge a brighter future for the Great Barrier Reef and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Care for a Coral


Donors to our ever-popular Care for a Coral feature are the engine room of our donor base. We will return the good faith by being the very best that we can be in the delivery of our Reef Recovery Program and our Community Outreach Program.

Build a Coral Branch


Donors to our Build a Coral Branch feature will help us to grow 10 coral fragments in our nurseries at a time. This option turbo charges our Reef Recovery Program and our Community Outreach Program.

Business Donations

If you’re a business and seek to contribute in an ongoing donation capacity or a sales campaign, we accommodate this.

Talk to our CEO, Ryan Donnelly as he’ll happily craft a solution that best suits your circumstances. Ryan is also open to discussing other ideas for collaboration or attracting donations.

Please note that donations do not attract the Australian Goods & Services Tax.


Sponsorship is an excellent way for your business to get involved with our Reef Recovery Program and have its efforts recognised publicly.

We actively promote our sponsors through network channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We particularly love LinkedIn as a platform for sharing our work and promoting the relationship with our sponsors.

Unlike a donor, the Australian Tax Office denotes that a sponsor is not entitled to a tax deduction for the support provided as they receive a commercial benefit in exchange for their support. However, sponsoring businesses can claim a tax deduction for legitimate business expenses.

Please note that sponsorship made from within Australia attracts GST. Sponsorship from outside Australia does not.


Tend a Coral Tree

Sponsor a coral tree through your business and receive brand exposure and promotion in return.

Sponsor a coral tree through your business and receive brand exposure and promotion in return.

A one-year sponsorship reflects actual costs and will offer sponsors a clearly visible sign atop the coral tree. The image can be used to promote the sponsorship through your social channels and ours.

Sponsors will be asked to enter into a standard agreement that outlines entitlements and expectations of both parties.

To learn more, let’s talk!


Nurture a Nursery

Sponsoring a coral nursery is for dedicated contributors, who deeply connect to our work on the Great Barrier Reef.

Sponsoring a coral nursery is for dedicated contributors, who deeply connect to our work on the Great Barrier Reef.

Based on actual costs for operating a nursery for one year, this arrangement enables us to produce three cycles of up to 1,000 hardened and healthy coral fragments per cycle; ready for out planting onto hard substrate on damaged sections of reef. Our smart configuration of outplants will fast track the road to reproductive maturity for spawning.

This sponsorship opportunity makes a significant difference to our Foundation. If you’re serious about financial sponsorship, this is the opportunity for you!

Sponsors will be asked to enter into a standard agreement that outlines entitlements and expectations of both parties. As a serious contributor, we are open to how we can repay the favour, including appearances, presentations, webinars and more.

To find out more, reach out to us today!


Other Opportunities

Science Champion

Science informs our Reef Recovery Program and guides our Community Outreach Program. Our science program is critical to understanding what works within a site stewardship framework at high-value sites.
These sites are not only valuable to the regional and national economies but are critical to the recruitment of coral larvae at downstream reef complexes.

We have a program of PhD studies designed to inform our Reef Recovery Program and provide an overarching guide to support assisted reef recovery in general.

A Science Champion is one of our most valued contributors. Much of this investment shapes the difference that we make. It supports our credibility and showcases the social movement for reef restoration on the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

Want to explore this avenue? Get in touch with CEO Ryan Donnelly to discuss.


Volunteers are vital to the work we do. Our volunteers are motivated, passionate and an inspiring bunch of individuals committed to making a positive contribution to reef recovery.

Anyone can volunteer! We have all types of opportunities. Some for appropriately qualified divers; and many land-based options.

If you possess skills or qualifications that you believe could assist our program, please Contact us.

To be considered as a dive volunteer, you must be based in Cairns or the surrounding area.

As a dive volunteer, you will assist with the general work at the nursery including monitoring and data recording. This involves diving at the nurseries.

Tasks include:

  • Assisting with maintenance of coral nurseries and installation of new nurseries
  • Propagating coral fragments and out planting corals into the reef
  • Potentially functioning as a leader in the field


  • Minimum PADI Rescue Diver or Equivalent with Perform Diver Rescue Statement of Attainment (VET Rescue)
  • AS/NZS 2299.1:2015 Occupational Dive Medical
  • Minimum 50 hours of logged dives
  • Possess your own dive gear, including fins, mask, stinger/wet suit, BCD, and regulator. These must be serviced within the past year
  • Diving Insurance for non-residents
  • Be able to commit to a minimum of six months


Our Volunteer Coordinator sets the schedule a month in advance and requests availability for the days required. The days chosen are dependent on weather, number of volunteers, other events, and availability of Dive Leaders.

Typically, there will be up to six volunteers per outing, and we endeavour to rotate the volunteers to provide everyone with an opportunity to be involved. It is a full-day activity.

If you do not meet the dive requirements, you can be involved with ground-breaking research, which helps our organisation gain a deeper understanding of the effects of coral restoration practices. This can also be done remotely. You’ll need:

  • A broad understanding of reef ecology
  • A broad understanding of coral taxonomy
  • Computer skills
  • Willingness to create an online account for Coral Net
  • To be able to process image data remotely every other month or when required (~2 hours)

You can also be involved with our market stalls, which raise public awareness:

  • Every month, we have a stall at various public markets around Cairns

Successful applicants will undergo induction prior to volunteering. Inductions are conducted in the last week of the month and are subject to a minimum of five new registrations.

Training is provided and includes Coral Identification & Handling Workshops, Coral Outplant Surveys and several hands-on skills required to be working at the nurseries.

If you’re passionate about making a positive impact on the Great Barrier Reef and you want to volunteer with an amazing bunch of people, please apply now.