Tamara Buddle

Using her diving skills for the good of the environment is what drives Reef Restoration Foundation volunteer Tamara Buddle.

A mathematics teacher at Smithfield State High School, Tamara enjoys using her skill and passion for diving in a way that is more than just recreational.

Tamara is a Dive Master and also a volunteer with the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

“I hadn’t heard of coral restoration before; working with the Reef Restoration Foundation has given me the opportunity to learn more about coral and marine life generally,” she says.

“I really enjoy working with the marine biologists, learning about different types of coral, and also about how to harvest it.”

Tamara grew up in Broken Hill, a far cry from the tropical environment of Cairns she has called home since the beginning of last year.

In her volunteer work for the Foundation, Tamara assisted in establishing the initial six trees at Fitzroy Island in December 2017. She has helped with general cleaning and maintenance of coral numerous times.

She also helped out with a group from the Great Barrier Reef Restoration Symposium in July, expanding the nursery and installing additional coral trees, and taking baseline measurements and collecting data for the scientists.

Tamara loves giving her time to a cause she is passionate about. She also enjoys meeting new people and making new friends who have a similar interest.

“I want to emphasise the benefit of volunteering for organisations like this; you learn so much more about something you are passionate about. I absolutely love it!”

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