Dimity Magnus

No-one could deny Dimity Magnus’s passion for the Great Barrier Reef – not only did she acquire her dive ticket just to get involved with coral nurseries, she also travels from Perth to Cairns to help regenerate the Reef.

The West Australian artist loves coral and wanted to be able to help with the issue of reef degradation, so investigated ways of working with coral nurseries.

“I had been researching nurseries online when I came across Reef Restoration Foundation and got talking to founder Gary McKenna who was glad to have some help with the new project," she says.

“I got the required qualifications, clocked my dive hours, and then flew to Cairns for three days of work helping to clean and monitor the coral nursery. I also took macro photos that the Foundation can use for their promotional needs.”

On her second trip to the reef, Dimity helped construct the coral trees, took photos for monitoring purposes, and helped with the GPS tracking of old colonies from where coral cuttings came. She has also taken part in the expansion of the nursery at Fitzroy Island.

Dimity had not seen the Great Barrier Reef before getting involved with the Foundation, and hopes to return again to see the coral spawning.

Macro Coral

“I have this amazing fascination with coral polyps. I really love those little squishy dudes!"

She has started promoting the Foundation’s work, recently giving a lecture at the University of Western Australia.

Dimity Lecturing about Coral

“I want to help in whatever way I’m needed. I will be assisting with merchandising, and will also help to facilitate those wanting to produce art projects in association with the Foundation.

“If you find yourself that lit up by something, you just have to follow it!”

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