ABC Far North - Anna Hartley - July 2018

Great Barrier Reef: Outside-the-box thinking needed to fix its many problems, bleeding-edge solutioneers say.

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Article from Scuba Diver Life- Deborah Dickson-Smith - July 2018

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is under all sorts of pressure. Climate change brings with it bleaching events and storms of increasing intensity. Some of these threats seem so completely out of our control that it’s easy to give up. There are initiatives underway to help, however. Here, we’ll meet the passionate individuals behind the Reef Restoration Foundation helping to grow more-resilient corals – on trees.

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Re-growing the Great Barrier Reef, one coral at a time - By Anna Watanabe -July 2018

On a tropical island, halfway between Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the north Queensland city of Cairns, researchers and members of the tourism industry are joining forces in an attempt to grow healthy corals to restore the world-famous reef.

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Positive Action to Help the Great Barrier Reef -May 2018

The Reef Restoration Foundation is a not profit social enterprise, committed to accelerating the recovery of damaged coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef. This is being achieved through establishing a series of offshore coral nurseries. We work in partnership with industry, government, scientists and the community. 

Myriad Tech Investment Conference, May 2018

NAB Announces Funding for Sustainable Regional Grants -Feb 2018

Since 2008, NAB, through the NAB Foundation, has provided $12.2 million in grants to organisations to help them innovate and have greater impact in the community.

NAB Chief Legal and Commercial Counsel, Sharon Cook, said NAB aims to help tackle societal issues by funding organisations who have new ways of doing things, or who are thinking about how to use business solutions to make a difference.

“Our aim is to build stronger, more connected communities by helping address the issues that matter to them,” Ms Cook said.